Hadid aims to be one of the main panaceas in the telecommunication field that solves the communication issue, as a whole. Hadid cater to both local and international services where we expand our expertise in providing the telecommunication system that will solve any of your wireless communication issue. Hadid aims to deliver exceptional end product for our stakeholders and clients.
As experientially oriented and highly intentional company, the development of public wi-fi will become the current agenda and also the pilot project towards achieving our goal in the telecommunication services. With our esteemed teams and stakeholders credibility, our telecommunication services also cater to these needs:

Telecommunication Services

• High Speed Broadband Services (HSBB)
• Wi-Fi technology, via a wireless local area network (WLAN)
• Infrastructure For Mobile Network: NGBH & Smart C-Ran
• Wholesale Wireless Services (WWS)
• Voice Services (Bilateral & Hubbing)
• IP transit over V-SAT