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Our corporate sustainability framework comprises of the three pillars where it involves the implementation of economic, social & environmental sustainability plan.

Business growth has become one of our key elements to our sustainability framework. This drives us to innovate and broaden our product to meet the needs of our clients. We are also committed to expanding our business globally while increasing the interaction and engagement among our stakeholders and clients to better meet their needs.

A sustainable business must operate based on fair business practices. This provides us with the framework for conducting our business ethically whilst complying with regulations and competing for project bidding fairly.

In the inclusion of the economic pillar and profit that makes it possible for corporations to come on board with sustainability strategies, we provide a counterweight to extreme measures where our corporations are sometimes pushed to adopt, as such leads to our expansion in which we take initiative of not only sit and watch, but take immediate actions to continue strengthening our economic stability.

At Hadid, our employees are the driving force that steers our business growth. Hadid highly values its employees and is dedicated to recognize and provide opportunities for its employees to undertake personal and career development.

Plus, by providing personal and career development to support their growth, we will at the same time improve our workforce capability to provide better services for our clients.

We provide what our stakeholders expect from us.

Hadid believes that to have a sustainable business, the core element needs to be taking good care of. Which, in this case would be the environment. We strongly believe that no matter what we do, environmental stability is one of our priorities. This mother earth has come way back, much earlier than any of us. With that in mind, we pledge to conserve our environment throughout the implementation of our services through the 4R method.

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