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Hadid aims to be one of the main panaceas in the telecommunication and digitalization field that solves the communication issue, as a whole.

The expedition of Hadid’s ICT Services started way back from the first day Hadid paves its way into the Central Asia Region. With proven and successful track record in Kazakhstan, it gave Hadid the impetus to move further and penetrate into another Central Asia counties, specifically, The Republic of Uzbekistan.

Hadid was given the privilege of venturing its business into the country through an invitation by the Government of Uzbekistan to grow their economic, at which, after a market study, Hadid decided to focus on ICT Services, which is one of the services that the country in dire need of to build better economic growth.

Together with this force, Hadid has invited TM Global as the international partner that will engineer the services through a technology transfer to provide the ICT Services in the country.

By leveraging on our specialist, we are now known through our commercial brand, .

ICT Services
ICT Services

Today, with our esteemed teams and stakeholder’s credibility, we provide the following ICT Services to cater our customers’ need:

  • High Speed Internet Services
  • Data Center
  • Payment Gateway
  • Application/Software Development

With these services, we aim to satisfy the need of our clients through connecting them to their friends, family members and their love ones. , distinctive choice for a distinctive life.

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